To Trick or Treat or Nah? What’s the Plan?

Moms, What are Your Halloween Plans this Year?

Hey loves! Today I want to introduce you to one of my children. This is my handsome son Liam Sam. He is five years old and loves playing video games and creating YouTube videos. 

He is also our youngest of the bunch, he really keeps me busy! My eleven year old daughter isn’t really a big fan of taking pictures. 

HOWEVER, she really enjoys taking photos of us. In fact she has been my photographer for my blog.  If you enjoy her work let us know in the comments below – she would love to hear.

Top [Here] x Skirt [Here] x Boots [Here]Earrings [Here] x Purse [Here] x Teddy Coat [Here]

I’ve been having so much fun with my kids this year. Despite everything that is going on in the world right now. I’ve been enjoying how close we have been getting since being home more. Things were and have been a bit rough with homeschooling for Liam but I do think he is getting the hang of it and I think I am getting pretty use to all the emails from school. Maybe. 

So let me tell you guys what we have been up to.  Okay so Liam has been making quite the handful of friends in our new town. Since school has started we’ve been going to the park for what we call ‘recess’ or when Liam wants to record a pretend play at the park. Which has been fun and actually a great way for us to bond. The last few times that we have gone we have met some other mommies there with boys around his age. We have exchanged numbers and Liam has been meeting up with them for playdates the last few weeks. He even has a new best friend that lives in our same apartment complex. Turns out they have the same teacher! Which is cool because they can relate with each other for virtual school. During their break times the two of them go outside and play with their toys together. It makes me really happy to see my kids smiling during such a difficult year. 

The moms and I have been a bit worried about what the kids are going to do this year for Halloween. We don’t think that there will be a Halloween so we are thinking about getting our kids together for a small Halloween get together at the park.  We are also planning to let our kids play dress up in costumes all of October for our playdates. Haven’t done that yet, but looking forward to sharing that with you guys! Just trying to keep things as normal as I can for them.

Top [Here] x Skirt [Here] x Boots [Here]Earrings [Here] x Purse [Here] x Teddy Coat [Here]

Top [Here] x Skirt [Here] x Boots [Here]Earrings [Here] x Purse [Here] x Teddy Coat [Here]

Top [Here] x Skirt [Here] x Boots [Here]Earrings [Here] x Purse [Here] x Teddy Coat [Here]

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