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Beauty Valentine's Day Looks


I decided to challenge and teach myself how to do my makeup like a pro in seven days! The challenge was for me to find a couple of my favorite makeup influencers, watch their Youtube channel or take up a makeup class. The goal was to make sure that I have all the essential makeup products. I also had a nice quiet space for me to fully focus and practice. I end up not taking a makeup class like I had originally planned because I found that the tutorials I had chosen were extremely helpful.

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Flip Fit App Try On Haul + Review

Flip Fit is a fashion and style app where you can basically turn your living room into your own dressing room. If you are looking to get feedback on your outfit you can post a picture or video and people will vote if you should either keep or return the item. They have clothes for both men and women, and you can also request beauty products and accessories.

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