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So this weekend went a bit more exciting than I expected. So quick storytime; My husband and I have been playing matchmaker. A couple months ago is when it all started, after my husband’s best friend asked us if we know any girls available. I was hesitant for the longest time about giving him my cousin’s number because of course I’m a little protective. So eventually one night, I decided to give his best friend my cousin’s number. Fast forward to four months later, she has been talking to him every single day (which we didn’t know btw), and was in some need of help moving this weekend. Of course she asked Tony’s best friend for help, in which he wanted us to come with him. 

So, this Friday Tony’s best friend came over our place and the guys decided to go shopping for new outfits for our weekend. My cousin was trying to say this isn’t a couples night LOL which was funny because we really knew what it was.  They were both a bit nervous to meet in person, it was funny watching them be all nonchalant about it. You can tell they really like each other (OMG so cute!). .We all made plans to take a trip to Lansing to help my cousin move into her new office suite. Which was fun helping her put it together, and we also left the guys and did a little furniture shopping. I love home decor so I was happy to help. We stopped at the thrift store where I found that red belt in my pictures. Don’t you just love a great find?

After we were done helping my cousin with her office we decided to go bowling and get some food. I love going bowling. We had a great time and I think my cousin and Tony’s best friend enjoyed each other’s company. I’m hoping that things will go really good with them, and who knows maybe he’s the one.  My cousin and I both decided that we wanted to wear bell bottoms for our “couples date”, we all looked amazing! Here are some selfie pics that I took before we went out bowling.

The bodysuit that I am wearing is from Dama DetroitSuch a cute shop! They make clothing that’s both chic and comfortable for the modern woman on the go. Dáma Detroit also seeks to empower local women and also give back, with a portion of the proceeds from one shirt in each collection going to a local charity. I love it so much and love shopping local. You can get 15% off using my discount code SETITRA15 at check out. I love these jeans they are so comfortable and fits my body really well. I wore them with a pair black boots. 

TOP [enjoy 15% with my discount code – –HERE]
BELT [similar belt – – HERE] x NECKLACE [HERE]

TOP [enjoy 15% with my discount code – –HERE]
BELT [similar belt – – HERE] x NECKLACE [HERE]

Here’s this weekend’s look! Remember to follow me on Instagram here to see my daily looks live or follow me along over at here!

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  1. I love the look, that flare jeans is just love! Checking you on IG!

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you Trish <3

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