Schoolgirl Lookbook: Pleated Skirt & Crop Top

Can you believe we are down to one more week of July already? This summer has gone so fast, I feel like my children just went on summer vacation. Talking about the school, I put together this really cute schoolgirl outfit lookbook. I found this outfit from Marshall’s a couple of weeks ago. It is so cute! The skirt is just a bit too small no lie on that lol. I normally wear a size 6-8. This skirt is a size 7 and is pretty tight and pretty short. I should have gone up one size, however, the husband really loved it on me, and it isn’t so bad. I just recommend if you stop at the store to purchase this, try it on first or go up one size. Now I did not see this skirt on their website, but I did find some really cute ones at SHEIN. This makes a great back-to-school outfit for college or high school ladies.

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Shop the Look:

Shop the Look:

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