Scarecrow Costume for Women

Cornfield Cutie Halloween Costume Review by Setitra McCain

Very Cute Scarecrow Costume for Women

Originally posted on November 1, 2022, Updated September 4th, 2023

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Our costumes this year were so much fun and we received so many compliments while out trick-or-treating. I came across this really cute Scarecrow costume for women and it was such a big hit! See below for a cute family Halloween costume idea.

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Scarecrow Costume for Women

We love trick-or-treating and seeing all the cool scary Halloween decorations. This year we did not do a family theme. I know that is very popular for families to do, but our kids wanted to pick out their own costumes. Nevertheless, we all still looked very cute.

Halloween Night

Liam decided to be Pikachu this year, and my husband Tony was a very sexy Sloth; while I chose to be a Cornfield Cutie. My daughter went with her friends this year and did not want her little brother tagging along, teens! Lol. Our other boys decided to spend Halloween with their mother this year, so it was just us three and we had a great time.

The weather was surprisingly amazing for Halloween this year in Michigan. For the last three years or so, it has been raining and cold. But this year it was warm with some drizzle. I knew Liam would prefer to be in something comfortable that would keep him warm and cozy.

I LOVE this costume! Hands down the best costume to wear, especially for brown ladies. It looked so good with my golden hair, I received SO many compliments. My only suggestion here would be needing the rope to be a little bit longer that goes around the waist. I paired this with some over-the-knee tan boots; they were super cute! I am a medium and bought a medium and it was true to size.

At the end of our night

Before our night was over, Liam’s best friend “A” came by to say hello and show each other their costumes. I love Liam’s friend’s costume so much, she looked so adorable in her butterfly costume. Overall, Halloween turned out so much fun. Liam was really happy that he got to see his friend, and got plenty of sweets to last us all of November.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Love to hear how the weather was for you this year. Did you go out trick or treating or pass out candy? Love to hear all about it in the comments. Talk soon!

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