Experience the Jungle on Your Fingertips with Safari Nails

Safari-Inspired Nail Designs

Hey there, beauties! Get ready to unleash your wild side with Safari-inspired nail designs! Today, I’ve rounded up some of the most fabulous animal-inspired nail designs. From fierce zebra stripes to bold leopard spots, not to mention some totally unique tortoiseshell and cow print options, I’ve got you covered. Whether you’re into long coffin stiletto nails, cute almond shapes, or classic short squares, I’ve found a style that will suit you. And for those who want to try out the trend without a full salon appointment, I’ve even included an amazing press-on option. Let’s embrace our inner animal and look fabulous while doing it! So, are you ready to pounce on these gorgeous nail designs? Let’s go!

1. Long Stiletto Jungle Love Nails

2. Long Coffin Animal Print Nails

3. Long Neutral Zebra Print Coffin Nails

4. Long Nude Cow Print Nails

5. Short Square Zebra Print Nails with Rhinestones

6. Short Square Cow Print Nails

7. French + Animal Print Short Square Nails

8. Short Almond Tortoise Nails with a Hint of Blue

9. Medium Square Giraffe Nails

10. Long Tortoise Shell Stiletto Nail Art

11. Bright Pink and Orange Zebra Print Nails for the Summer

12. Short Round Safari Nails

13. Safari Tips

14. Bright Colorful Jungle Nail Art

15. Animal Print Press-On Nails

16. Short Round Tiger Print Nail Art

17. Animal Print Manicure Nails

18. Green and White Cow Print Manicure Nails

19. Sexy French Zebra Print Short Square Nails

20. Black Leopard Print Manicure Nails

Thanks for joining me on this wild nail journey with Safari Nails! I hope you found some inspiration for your next nail appointment or DIY project. If you’re looking for more nail design ideas, be sure to check out my latest post on the hottest spring nails of the season. And don’t forget to share your Safari Nails-inspired looks with me on social media – I can’t wait to see your fierce animal prints and daring shapes!

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Close-up of animal print nails, featuring leopard print, zebra print, alligator print on a nude background.

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  1. So cute – I live animal print on my nails. Saving for future nail ideas!

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