NEW Olive and June Quick Dry Review

Unboxing Olive and June Quick Dry Polishes & Review

If you haven’t heard yet, Olive and June have launched their newest Quick Dry collection! Yas girl! 19 new shades and a top coat. I’ve already been a fan of Olive and June Instant Mani Press-ons and have enjoyed their polishes as well. I am so excited to receive this really cool PR box, thank you to my friends at Olive and June! Now let’s get into this New Olive and June Quick Dry Review.

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Thee Packaging

First of all, how cute is this package!? Very creative. I love that they used their logo as a race track with the nail polishes lined up and a cool little race car in it! Great “Quick Dry” theme. Very thoughtful of them to add the cute little note personalized to me, I appreciate this so much! I listed below each of the colors that Olive and June sent me.

The Swatches


Now this one caught me by surprise. I’ll be honest, when I saw this in the bottle I was unsure if this would look good with my skin tone, but it looked so pretty! It’s such a beautiful tan color, great for neutral looks, and perfect for this fall season. Howdy is a neutral beige with a hint of terracotta orange, making it a great nail polish staple to add to your everyday look.

Olive and June's Quick Dry Nail Polish Swatch of the color "Howdy". Hand holding tan nail polish color.


Prom is a bold magenta pink. I really like this one too! This one is really cute paired with Howdy. This is a pretty color to have on hand for spring and summer or Valentine’s Day which is coming soon!

Prom nail polish swatch from Olive and June Quick Dry collection 2022.


Swan is a really good white nail polish, that will also fit your everyday wardrobe. A crisp white polish for super fresh manicures and pedicures. This one is a keeper!


Vintage is an ideal shade of vintage denim blue. I love this shade! Matches perfectly with your favorite pair of vintage denim jeans. Vintage would be great for winter and summer. It will be great for Winter Wonderland nail art and you can use Swan for snowflakes.

Vintage by Olive and June from their Quick Dry Collection.


Picante is a super spicy orangey red for the hottest manis and pedis. I thought this color was really pretty and would love to do all my nails in this color.

Picante nail polish by Olive and June

Olive and June’s Quick Dry Top Coat

A quick dry Top Coat that dries in seconds and gives major protection and shine. I love this top coat, works amazing. I used this as a base and over my nails and they were done in seconds. My nail design was left crisp and shiny! This is a must-have with any of the polishes from Olive and June’s Quick Dry collection.

My Overall Thoughts:

I love all of the nail polish choices that Olive and June gifted me. I think these make a great staple for each season. Swan and Howdy are great for your everyday color, minimalist aesthetics, or for someone who can only wear neutral colors within their job. Prom, Picante, and Vintage are great for the warmer seasons. Vintage and Swan can be great for Christmas nails or Spring/Easter.

If you are someone who just wants one set of nail polishes that can be worn throughout the year, I would recommend buying the ones I have above as they are perfect for that! Maybe you love trying on different colors, Olive and June New Quick Dry has a variety to choose from and I highly recommend it. These are all high-quality nail polishes that work great, by far my favorite quick dry polishes.

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Pinterest Cover created by Setitra McCain. "New Olive and June Quick Dry Review" with hand showing colors on front of design.

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  1. Debbie says:

    The Olive and June quick dry colors are very pretty. I really love the bold pink magenta the best. Thank you for sharing.

    1. The pink is very pretty! Thank you Debbie!

  2. Thanks Setitra for the review of Olive and June Quick Dry Nail Polish. Will pin this post.

  3. Aw really love the color! Mostly when you mixed all colors! Never thought it would look so cute!

  4. I liked all of the colors, particularly the vintage.

    1. Love that color as well!

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