NEW e.l.f. Skin Pure Skin Review

e.l.f. skin pure skin review

Hello friends! Today I am doing a review on the NEW e.l.f. Skin, Pure Skin + Dermatologist Developed Back to Basics Mini Skincare Kit. The complete clean, dermatologist-developed e.l.f. Skin, Pure Skin Back To Basics Mini Kit features three travel-size skincare products. This post is great for anyone looking for a low-maintenance skincare routine.

e.l.f. Skin Pure Skin

e.l.f. pure skin dermatologist developed cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

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Indulge your s-e.l.f. in these three simple steps to beautiful skin:

Step 1: Cleanse.

Pure Skin Cleanser is a non-foaming cleanser that gently cleanses with a clean formulation. It features oat milk, allantoin and niacinamide.

Step 2: Tone. 

Pure Skin Toner contains oat milk, aloe juice, and niacinamide to nourish, moisturize and calm the skin.

Step 3: Moisturize.

The non-comedogenic Pure Skin Moisturizer contains oat milk and niacinamide. It nourishes and hydrates for soft, healthy-looking skin.

First off, I’m going to start with step one, the Pure Skin Cleanser.

This product has oat milk in it and has a creamy, milky texture to it. The cleanser feels like a milk bath for your face. A lotion-like texture for me, which I didn’t mind at all. I LOVE how gentle this product is, it is very gentle and it is fragrance-free and it did not strip or dry my face. I have dry combination skin, and my skin has always been very sensitive. This has to be one of my favorite cleansers for sensitive skin-type. I definitely recommend this product.

Secondly, we have the Pure Skin Toner.

This toner is soothing, with some anti-aging benefits. It gently exfoliates without stripping skin of moisture. The formula for this toner is non-irritable and great for all skin types. It is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, clean, cruelty-free, and vegan. The toner is very watery and really gentle, did not dry or irritate my skin at all. If you are looking for a simple hydrating toner to add to your routine, this is the one.

e.l.f. pure skin dermatologist developed Toner.

Moving on to the last product, we have the Pure Skin Moisturizer.

I love that this product has no drying ingredients and is fragrance-free. I like that this moisturizer is lightweight and great for everyday use and it is Non-greasy or oily. Great for anyone with sensitive skin.

NEW e.l.f. Skin Pure Skin + Dermatologist Developed Back to Basics moisturizer.

My final thoughts:

I have to say that this is an amazing skincare set! It is full of amazing skincare ingredients! There are absolutely no scents at all, great for all skin types. In just three simple steps, my skin feels really good after using this skincare regimen. It is great for anyone looking for a minimal skincare routine. I give this set 5 stars. You can find e.l.f. Skin, Pure Skin at Target, Ulta, or on e.l.f.’s website.

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e.l.f. skin, pure skin + dermatologist developed.

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  1. My skin type is similar to yours! I also love a minimal skin care routine. These sound like great products!!!

    1. They really are! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I do struggle with oily, sensitive skin, the first time I tried E.L.F I was like where have you been all my life and I have not looked back.

    1. right! It’s the perfect gentle cleanser, I love the travel size package. Thanks for stopping by Roamy!

  3. Seen this product before but used something different. Love that it’s fragrance-free and vegan. Definitely need to investigate.

    1. yes, definitely do!

  4. Oh my goodness this cream seems perfect for my skin! my skin is relatively dry and this seems like a brilliant moisturiser

    1. It really is! Thank you!

  5. I am excited I found this post! I really like elf products and I am definitely a fan of simple skincare routines otherwise I find that I just won’t do it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, I love an easy routine. Thanks for stopping by Bailey, let me know how it works for you!


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