Mental Health Awareness Month Tips & Life Hacks 2022

How I take care of my mental health & Wellbeing

In the last three years, I have dealt with grief, surgeries, becoming a bonus mother to three teen boys, changing careers, and the entire world-changing in the blink of an eye. That’s a lot of change for a short amount of time and the only way I’ve been able to manage it is to focus on my mindset & mental health.

Daily reminder: Be happy with what you have while working toward what you want✨

– Helen Keller

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and I’d like to encourage everyone to take the time to focus on the mind-body connection & whole-person care. I’m listing below things I did or do to help me stay focused on my mental health and well-being.

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Joining a women’s bible study group

This has been the best self-care decision I’ve done in these past few years. Prayer, worship, and having a sisterhood under God have been very helpful. We talk about ways we can spread love, and kindness in this world and get together and volunteer and do community work together. If there is ever help in need, I know I can count on my church family to lend a hand. They are a constant reminder that there are good people in this world, and sometimes we just need that little reminder to get us through our day.

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living in the moment

I try to stay as present in the moment when I can

The present moment is essentially living in the here and now, regardless of current events. This one isn’t always easy. I try not to look (think) back too heavily on past mistakes. Move slowly forward. 

The current moment is usually calm, although some life events might be unpleasant. Unfortunately, we humans take over-advantage of our natural abilities of memory and imagination. We use these tools much beyond their original purpose. We think about our past situations or picture our future lives from a perspective of dread, worry, guilt, and so on, rather than living in the present.

Steps I use to live in the moment:

  • Set intentions to be more mindful
  • Set a few alarms throughout the day that reminds me to be more mindful
  • Take 3 deep breaths. Observe the sensations in my body. Listen to the sounds in the environment.
  • Affirm: “I’m aware of everything in the present moment. I love it.”
  • Repeat from step 3 whenever the alarms go off.


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I don’t know what I would do without my therapist. I love going to therapy, it’s a great way to vent and find ways to cope and deal with the grief of losing my best friend. My therapist is great and she always sends me resources as needed, and guides me on how to deal with stress and anxiety as needed. In addition, if our teens are having trouble and dealing with normal teen issues, she will give me great advice on what it is they may be dealing with and how to deal with it.

As a mother of now 5 kids, they have their own problems and they always come to us as parents when they need help. The best way I can help them is by making sure my mental health is put first so that I am in the best shape to guide and teach them how to deal with life lessons. I always recommend therapy to all my friends and family, even if you aren’t stressed out, just having a confidential and safe place to vent can be extremely beneficial.

Fresh air

Going outdoors and getting fresh air is great for my mental health. This would include things like going for walk, running, or going for a picnic and reading a book while enjoying the weather.

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More quiet time

I love having some ‘me’ time. I love my family and I love spending time with them, but I also NEED time alone every now and then. My kids love noise, but on the other hand, I can sit at home with no music and no TV. It is the best way I can get my work done as needed, with little to no distractions. I can meditate, write, read or get in a quick nap.

Omitting people and things that don’t serve

Whenever I pray to God, I always ask that he protects me from those who have ill will towards me, and to reveal those who aren’t truly my friend. This prayer truly works, I’ve lost several people in my life this year, whom I thought was my friend. Turns out, they were either secretly jealous of me, my relationship, or wishing for my downfall. They have been revealed and I must say, I do not hate them.

I have no hate for anyone, or ever experienced jealousy myself. To be honest, it’s always been hard for me to fully understand it. I had to let go of them, let go of those who aren’t supportive and truly loving and living by God. Toxic people are no good for your mental health, and I’m a firm believer in protecting your peace at all costs, even if that means letting go of the ones you thought loved you. Move on and continue praying for them.

Letting go of bad habits has also been great for my mental health. That would include things like:

  • Imposter syndrome (comparing myself to other bloggers) – this is still a work in progress.
  • Procrastination
  • Not sleeping enough
  • Drinking soda and junk food
  • Screentime (giving myself a daily limit)
  • Overthinking
  • Worrying about things I can’t control


Drinking sufficient water is a significant step in dealing with tension. Regardless of whether you’re not encountering anxiety, drinking adequate water can create calmness.


I am a firm believer in being forgiving and not holding grudges. They are so bad for your mental health and can cause nothing but extra unnecessary stress. Holding on to all the terrible things that have happened to you in the past will make it difficult for you to continue with your life and you might battle to keep up with connections in view of the issues and additionally sentiments you might feel due to being previously deceived.

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I have forgiven those who have hurt me, have I forgotten? No. I learned who I can and can’t trust and kept it moving. Forgiveness helps us with recuperating from our past traumas and helps us to grow as a person. It will assist us to reduce unfortunate resentment and permit us to move on and may reconcile relationships.

Mental Health Affirmations

please take what you need:

  • “I will give myself the kindness I deserve”
  • “My problems don’t define my happiness”
  • “Anxiety will not change the future”
  • “I release worries and choose faith”

What do you do to support your mental health when so much is changing so fast?

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