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Hi, Glamour Dolls! I’ve been looking for a name to call my tribe, and the ‘Glamour Doll Tribe’ sounds so fitting! What do you guys think? I think it’s starting to stick. Today I have some exciting news that I want to share with you! I am starting a new blog series called My Glow Up Transformation. One of my goals for 2021 is to step my game up a notch. I’m just so ready to learn new things and experience new things in life. This idea came about after I decided that I want to learn how to do my makeup like a pro. I’ve never been good at applying false lashes or eyeshadow, so it was something I didn’t usually do. I’ve had the same makeup routine for the last six years, and girl, it was time to change that! Lol. 

I decided to challenge and teach myself how to do my makeup like a pro in seven days! The challenge was for me to find a couple of my favorite makeup influencers, watch their Youtube channel or take up a makeup class. The goal was to make sure that I have all the essential makeup products. I also had a nice quiet space for me to fully focus and practice. I end up not taking a makeup class like I had originally planned because I found that the tutorials I had chosen were extremely helpful.

The influencers that I decided to learn from were Maya Galore, Shayla, and Diana Saldana. These three are my top FAVORITE influencers. I’ve been following Shayla and Diana for a while now, I just discovered Maya recently. Funny thing is that Maya actually taught herself by learning from Shayla. They are all really great and you guys should check them out too. Below I am sharing with you the makeup that I used and which video tutorials I watched.


For day one, I started my challenge by watching a video from Maya Galore.
Watch makeup tutorial here: “Makeup for Beginners (Very Detailed)”

This makeup tutorial was by far my favorite to learn from! I do think all of the looks were great, but this one was one of the easiest to follow! I’m so glad I came across Maya’s Youtube channel, she is very detailed while explaining how to apply your makeup. If you are very new to makeup, I really think you should subscribe to her channel and start there. I had makeup products already and didn’t want to overdue my budget, so I only went out and bought the things I felt were really needed.


Day Two: I wanted to learn how to play around with different eyeshadow looks, and with Valentine’s day coming up I wanted to test out pink/reds. I learned this look from Shayla. Watch makeup tutorial here: “Date Night Makeup


Day Three: This look was inspired by Shayla. Watch makeup tutorial here: Learn to do “Makeup Like a Pro”.


Day Four: I decided to watch one of Diana Saldana’s makeup tutorials. Watch makeup tutorial here: “Fall Look”.


Day Five: Today I decided to learn how to do a smokey eye. I didn’t have any black eyeshadow, so I went with some brown. This look was inspired by Maya. Watch makeup tutorial here: “Black Smokey Eye”.


Day Six: Makeup inspired by Shayla, you can’t really tell but I used a lighter shade of red here.
Watch makeup tutorial here: “End of Summer Look”.


Day Seven: For my last day of the challenge I decided to go with something more natural, an everyday look.
Watch makeup tutorial here: “Affordable Minimal”.

That is it for my makeup challenge. If you are looking to learn how to do makeup like a pro, this is the makeup guide for you. I think I did pretty well for a beginner. Still so much more eyeshadow and looks I would like to try out, so I am going to continue practicing what I learned and more. Which day was your favorite look? My favorite was day two.

The next part of my series is going to be something new I haven’t done before and I can’t wait to review and share with you my next experience. I’m excited about this glow-up transformation journey.

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  1. I only just put lipstick and have been trying my hands at makeup. Thanks for sharing this.

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