It’s A Hot Mom Summer Party!

Did someone say a hot mom summer?

Hey y’all, what’s up! Today I am doing something a little different. I visited my mother a few weeks ago while I was there, I decided to raid her closet! In today’s post, I am sharing a few of the items I chose to borrow from her. A little about her and her style: So my mother is a fashion diva, she has tons of clothes, lots with tags still attached. We happen to be around the same size in clothes, shoes are much different. Her taste is more on the sexy side, baddie outfits, hip-hop hot mom summer type. She loves to stand out in the crowd by doing so through her style.

My mother LOVES to keep a cute new hairstyle (she does her own hair and slays it), and I mean she will play in different colors, different textures wigs, extensions, etc. She also does her own makeup with colorful eyeshadows, a matching lip color, and just being glammed head-to-toe. If she sees an outfit that she thinks will be super cute, best believe she will bring it home. Now, will she ever wear it? Hmm . . . maybe, lol. You never know. What I do know is that she does sometimes find the cutest stuff and I just love coming over to see some of the clothes she purchased, and she enjoys sharing them with me.

My mom was thrilled when I asked if we could collaborate on today’s posts and for me to try on some of the items that I chose. I picked out three looks, three dresses that would be ideal for date night, girls’ night, or to just be cute at home. I say that because, truth is, my mom buys all these cute items, but she’s actually a homebody. She does it for herself, and I love that about her!

Below, I am going to also link some similar looks because I am unsure where she found these dresses from. Please tell me your favorite in the comments below, we both would love to hear!

Look #1 – Hot Pink Knit Dress

This dress above is from Windsor, but it is sold out, I also found it on Fashion Nova and it seems to be sold out there as well. This cute hot pink dress is a hot seller. I love this dress so much, one of my favorite picks from my mom’s closet. This look is definitely giving a hot mom this summer!

Shop similar looks below:

Look #2 – Grey Dress with neon lippies

hot mom summer dress

I like this dress, however, it is my least favorite out of the picks. It is still really cute to take out, I really just enjoyed the different lip shades and how vintage it looks. I’m sure this looks really good on my mom too.

Look #3 – Colorful Mini Cami Cheetah Dress

Okay, so I am OBSESSED with this dress! This one is my favorite from the bunch. It has stretch to it and feels very comfortable. I love the hot pink one above as well, but this one is more for something casual.

It’s Giving Hot Mom Summer!

Overall, I had so much fun playing dress-up from my mom’s closet. I think all three of these dresses are really cute and wouldn’t mind doing this again. Maybe we will see what picks she has for the Fall. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, love to know which outfit is your favorite look. Let us know in the comments!

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