From Cramps to Cravings: How My Husband Helps Me Through PMS

From Cramps to Cravings: How My Husband Helps Me Through PMS. Black couple snuggling in bed and enjoying a cozy breakfast during PMS.

PMS Survival Guide: How My Partner helps me through

As women, we all know the physical and emotional turmoil that PMS can bring. The bloating, the cramps, the mood swings, and the cravings can make even the most level-headed person feel like they’re losing their mind. But what makes this time of the month bearable for me is the unwavering support of my husband. In this post, I want to share with you some of the ways that my husband helps me get through PMS and offer some tips for those who may be looking for ways to support their partners.

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Keeping Track of Periods

One of the ways that my husband helps me during PMS is by keeping track of my cycles. He knows that it can be difficult for me to keep track of everything when I’m feeling down, so he helps by listening to me when I check my period app and memorizing the dates and time frames. This helps me feel less overwhelmed and more in control. Though it may seem like a small thing, it makes a big difference in how I experience PMS.

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Providing Physical Comfort

Another way that my husband helps me during PMS is by providing physical comfort. When I’m feeling crampy, he knows just what to do. He’ll prepare a heating pad for me and place it exactly where I need it, so I can lie down and relax. If I’m feeling too tired to get out of bed, he’ll fluff the pillows, bring me extra ones so I can sit up and work from bed if needed, and make sure I have everything I need to be comfortable.

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Fulfilling Cravings

Cravings are a big part of PMS for me, and my husband is always there to help satisfy them. He knows that when I’m really craving chocolate. He’ll bring me my favorite candies, like M&M’s Fudge Brownie, or make a stop at the store for Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. He also knows that when I’m craving a specific meal, like buffalo chicken with a side of ranch, it’s not just a passing whim. He’ll either cook it for me or pick it up on his way home so I can have it waiting for me when I get there.

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Assisting with Children

Parenting can be a challenge even on the best of days, but it can feel like an insurmountable task when you’re dealing with PMS. My husband is a huge help when it comes to our children. He helps with homeschooling, cooking, and ensuring the kids are getting ready for their day and bedtime routine. He knows I need a little extra help during PMS, and he’s always there to provide it.

Allowing Rest and Relaxation

Finally, my husband knows that the most important thing I need during PMS is rest. He allows me to take things slow and rest when I need to. He never pushes me to do more than I’m capable of, and I appreciate that more than anything else. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can always count on him to give me a break and let me rest.

In conclusion, my husband is my PMS superhero. He’s always there to help me through the ups and downs of PMS, and I’m so grateful for him. Whether it’s keeping track of my periods, providing physical comfort, fulfilling cravings, assisting with children, or just allowing me to rest and relax, he’s always there for me. I hope that sharing these tips and tricks will help other women and their partners in making PMS a little more manageable. Remember, self-care is crucial during this time, and it’s okay to ask for help. With the right tools and support, PMS doesn’t have to be so difficult.

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  1. Katherine McLee says:

    It sounds like your partner is really supportive and caring which is lovely! PMS can be hard but having that support can really help!

    1. exactly!thank you!

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