Glow-Up Journey: Eyebrow Lamination

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Experiencing Something New!

So, two weeks ago I had a brow lamination done. I’ve been thinking of microblading but wanted to try something a little less expensive. Having ‘fluffy’ brows are very popular right now. Brow lamination is a perm to your eyebrows. The perm gives the eyebrows a straight, longer, and larger brow shape. I got my eyebrows laminated at 24Luxe Beauty Bar, located in Flat Rock, MI.

24Luxe Beauty Bar is such a beautiful place to visit if you are looking to pamper yourself. They offer many services like hydrafacials, dermaplaning, microblading, makeup, spray tanning, brow bar & waxing, body waxing, eyelash lift & tint, and manicures and pedicures. I love the atmosphere and girlie vibes there. It was really nice getting my brows done out in the area where everyone else is. Much better experience than, when you go to a nail salon they normally take you to the back in a closed room away from everything. If you ever plan to visit Detroit, be sure to check out 24Luxe Beauty Bar.

I decided on getting the brow lamination + wax & tint. I love how my eyebrows turned out. The first day I was a little nervous when I got home because the tint stuff was still very dark and made my brows look crazy. After getting your eyebrows laminated you are to wait 24 hours before washing your face. So, after 24 hours I was able to wash my face and get a better look at my new laminated brows. I was instructed to use the castor oil with the spoolie on my brows when they felt dry, and I was giving the ‘okay to use a brow gel. I picked up NYX Brow Gel, Eyebrow lamination last up to eight weeks!

Instagram Reel’s Video I Made Showing My New Brows. Click to watch. Follow me on Instagram.
Here’s a video of the salon and my brow lamination process. (Song by Soho Dolls – bang, bang, bang)

As far as cost goes, it all just depends on where you are going. I called another place in town and they charge $120.00, the place is nice but it’s an hour drive from where I am. I paid a total of $99, which included tint & wax included. Without the wax and tint, it would have been $65. So worth it though! The price range would probably be anywhere from $60-$120.

Here are some close ups. Be sure to pin these to save for later.

Wearing magnetic lashes in ‘Baby Girl’ from Glamnetic. Save 15% by using my discount code “SETITRA15”

Overall, I had a great experience. I love how clean my eyebrows look. I’m so happy I decided to do this and this glow-up journey has been so fun. I can’t wait to share what is next! Be sure to subscribe for more updates.

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  1. This was amazing! I was JUST considering a brow tint along with my normal shaping… is this a sign? It feels like a sign!

    1. I think it is a sign lol. If you get them done, love to hear how that went. Thanks for stopping by!

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