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Hello loves! I hope you are having a good start to your week. I’m so excited because in just a day, husband and I are going on a trip to Las Vegas. It is both of our first time visiting Vegas and it’s been over a year since we have gone on a real vacation together. I’m so ready to get out of this cold weather here in Michigan and sit under the sun with the man of my dreams. We’ve been gearing up for this trip since the beginning of the year. I have already done some shopping earlier in the year and even got some swimsuits that I’ve been WAITING patiently to wear! I cannot wait to show you guys some pictures! I have been working out all year long to help stay in shape so that I can look and feel good for this trip. Although, I have already done some shopping there was still just a few travel essentials I needed.

The clothes I bought earlier this year I am not sure anymore if I want to wear them when I make it, so I decided to go shopping one last time before we leave. About a month ago I heard about this app called Flip Fit, honestly I can’t remember where I seen it at, but I thought it sounded cool so I went ahead and downloaded it.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, just my honest opinion.

What is Flip Fit app?

Flip Fit is a fashion and style app where you can basically turn your living room into your own dressing room. If you are looking to get feedback on your outfit you can post a picture or video and people will vote if you should either keep or return the item. They have clothes for both men and women, and you can also request beauty products and accessories. What I love about the app is that it is free to join AND you get store credit when you vote on other’s videos/pictures. You also get a stylist to help you with your shopping. At first I thought maybe it was a bot until I had a question and my stylist was able to help me out and in which it seemed more like I was talking to a real person. What I like about that is that I can let my stylist know right away if there is something else I am looking for or say I really liked an item but was too small and would like them to send me the correct size. Shipping is pretty fast I got my items within the same week. You also get to earn $20 of store credit when you invite your friends. Isn’t that really cool?

It does look a bit similar to Instagram as far as how your profile goes, but is not like Instagram at all and have different features. But you get to gain following and follow your favorite brands as well. This is my second time receiving this box. The first time I received Flip Fit box I was very happy with almost every item. You are only allowed to choose up to six items each delivery. The first box I spent the store credit I earned and paid the difference with my own money. I had only kept two items and returned the rest, but let me say I was really sad because there was some really cute items in that first box. I would have bought most of them but didn’t have enough store credit and really didn’t want to go over my shopping budget. This time around I have saved up and couldn’t wait to receive my next box!

Click Play to watch try-on video. Instagram @styledbysetitra

My second box had some really great choices in them! The only thing I had to return was the jeans, I picked out three of those and two of them were a size too small and the other one I didn’t like how it fit around my ankles. I created a try-on Reels video on my Instagram page and also took some screenshots from my stories to show you guys the ones I tried on.

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The dress above in tan is one of my FAVORITES from this try-on haul. This dress is from the brand ACOA, there seems to be no website for them so believe they are wholesale. I am wearing a size medium and it is true to size. I love how it fits and love how it feels. I really like the tie on the side of the dress. I thought I had picked this one out in black, so I’m not sure if I chose this one to be honest or the stylist chose the color. Either way I love the color and glad I have it in the tan instead of black. Plus, I thought it really goes well with my current hair style. This dress was definitely a keeper!

This dress is called corset slip dress, it is from the brand Steele. This silk dress is so cute! It came with a mini corset but that corset did not fit around my waist and honestly think it was better without it. It is pretty expensive priced at $125. The dress fit me well, but I feel like I would have liked this dress better a little longer and the shoulder strap adjustments kept slipping down. When I tightened the straps it was too small around arms. Overall, the dress didn’t fit like I hoped. I did like how it looked on some of the other girls but not on me. 63% of my voters voted to keep, but unfortunately I did returned this one.

girl in picture wearing black dress. Try-on haul, reels video screenshot from instagram. @styledbysetitra Flip fit app review. Flip fit try-on haul.

So this black dress was one of my favorites as well! This dress is also from the brand ACOA and is called Side Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress. I am wearing a size small. For this dress they did give me both sizes in small and medium. I tried the small on first and really loved how it fit. I love the rectangle neckline, showing off some shoulder. This dress has a drawstring on one side that looked really makes the dress. 71% voters voted for me to keep this item in which I did. It was way too sexy to let go and only $36, overall a win!

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Okay this outfit turned out to be a lot prettier than I expected. I was in need of some joggers and sweaters as I didn’t actually have any at all. My loungewear is usually my pajamas, but since the pandemic I’ve been wanting something I can be cute and lounge in. This outfit is definitely the look I was going for. I am wearing a size small in sweater and medium in the bottoms. I did receive two of these sweaters in size small and medium. At first when I pulled the sweater out I wasn’t sure how the sleeves would look, actually thought I wouldn’t like it, but it turned out to look so cute and luxurious on me. My favorite part is the twist in the front. The crop sweater I’m wearing is thermal material and is from Free People. I got it for $47 and original price at $78 with 74% votes to keep the item. I also decided to go with the medium although the small did fit me well.

The two items are actually from two different brands, my stylist had this put together in separate tissues from the other items. That is one thing I should mention, is that the items are packaged wrapped separately in tissue paper. For example, the jeans were in one wrap together and dresses were put together in another wrap. They do that to keep the styles together, which is really nice. Both my boxes were in great shape and clothes were placed neatly when I received them.

The joggers are so darn comfortable! I love the extra room and coziness. I love that my stylist also put these two together for me to try. The drawstring is beige and match my top really well. These joggers are from the brand NIA. I decided to keep these as well with 77% votes to keep this item and these were also priced at $47.

Click Play to watch try-on video. Instagram @styledbysetitra

Overall, I really enjoyed my items. I was a bit disappointed on the jeans as I really want to try some mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. I’m not into skinny jeans as much as I once was. I mean they are cute and I’ll wear them, but looking to switch my style up a bit. I am really glad that I came across this app, it has been such a game changer to my wardrobe collection. I love that I don’t have to pay for anything else – only the items I want to keep. I enjoy helping others choose an item and get help back. Customer service so far has been really awesome, enjoy the fast response. I also like that you can try the same item in multiple sizes. You can also choose to have your Flipbox on a schedule. You can choose every 2-3 weeks, every month, every 2 months or on Demand (which is only when you request it). I have mines set on Demand as I like to take my time deciding what I want in the next box. Flipbox gives you seven days to complete your cart after your package has been delivered. Returning it is free. Such a great shopping experience, so easy and fun way to shop! I am looking forward to some more try-on hauls. Let me know if you would like to see more reviews like this in the comments, or even more Flipbox try-ons. If you decide to download the app and not sure how to use it, let me know in the comments as I am thinking of creating a “how to” guide for it.

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Which piece was your favorite?

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