‘Beyond the Sky’ Eyeshadow Palette Review

Kara Beauty eyeshadow palette - 'Beyond the Sky'

Hey beauty lovers! Today I am reviewing Kara Beauty’s eyeshadow palette – ‘Beyond the Sky’. I purchased this a couple of weeks ago at Marshall’s. The packaging immediately caught my attention and the pretty colors in each palette. It looks very similar to Colourpop eyeshadow palettes.

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First off, the packaging is so pretty and I thought this would make a great summer palette. I love the blues, pink, and yellow with some mint color and glitter. It was so eye-catchy that I just HAD to buy this. I haven’t tried orange yet and really looking forward to trying that out as well. I paid $7.99 for them with the original price of $17.99 on their website.

Swatch Review

Although these are some really beautiful colors, I was not happy with the pigmentation while applying the swatches. They seem very light/faint and I had to go over each a couple of times to really get the color to pop. I wouldn’t spend $17.99 on this because the makeup to me seems cheap. Don’t get me wrong it is still pretty colors, just not what I was hoping for.

My Look:

As I applied my eyeshadow on, again it was very faint. I am wearing ‘what’s beyond?’ and ‘meeting an angel’. They are both similar in color. One just has some shimmer to it. I had to apply a few coats, it was so faint you can still see some of my skin appearing through the eyeshadow. It turned out really cute on me, but once again, just seems so cheaply made. Final thoughts: I’m okay with it, I give it a 3-star rating. The packaging was probably the best part. It turned out cute on me, but will not buy it again. I linked some similar makeup below.

Shop the Look:

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