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3 Must-Have Fall Sweater Dresses 2022

So glad you are here for another blog post on this special day for me. I really want to share some very CUTE winter dresses I loved and that will look AMAZING for family holiday pictures, being cozy at home, or this year’s holiday gatherings. Everything here is very comfortable to wear and I received many compliments on these styles.


Pretty Pink Detroit Babe Top with Must-Have Vegan Leather Pants

I picked up these leggings this week from Abercrombie & Fitch. These leggings fit beautifully! Good stretch and a nice waist band to hold you in. I love these due to the fact they’re not thin, they have a soft and cozy lining and sleek look! They are VERY soft on the inside. They are high waisted and the zippers on the ankle are such a cute feature. I am wearing a size medium and they are true to size. You can dress these up or down, with a pair of combat boots, some wedge heels or a pair of cute sneakers. 


Sustainable Fashion: What I Found at a Designer Resale Shop

Hello!!! Today I will be showing you what I found thrift shopping this week. I love sustainable shopping. Here is a beautiful outfit I put together for this weekend. I gave myself a budget of $150. My goal was to create a cute fall style for me to wear this weekend with my family. I didn’t give myself any strict rules, the only rule for me was to not spend more than $150.

Amazon Fall Fashion

Amazon Prime Day: Pumpkin Patch Outfits

Today I am sharing fall looks from Amazon Prime Day. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of fedora hats for women going around this season. I wanted to put something together to go along with that trend. Not sure what to wear to the pumpkin patch? Check out the three style guides below. Happy shopping friends! love to hear what deals you found. 

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