‘Apple Spice’ Ombré Fall Nail Design

Pretty Fall Colors for Nails 2022

Fall is by far my favorite season. The colors of autumn are just so beautiful and warm. What I love most about fall is going to the Cider Mill, Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, and Thanksgiving. I put together a very cute design to reflect all the beautiful colors from the leaves of Fall.

When choosing my colors, I put together a cute Autumn Mood Board, and next I went shopping at Walmart and found the matching colors of my vision board, and a cute top to match.

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My Fall Nail Design

The colors that I am wearing in the first photo from my pinky to my thumb:

  • ‘Check Your Baggage’ – this color is like a mustard yellow color which is the perfect Fall nail color. I think it was the perfect color to add with the reds and brown to create the Fall leaves look.
  • ‘Risk Taker Only’ – I really like this color a lot for fall because it is an orange color with a red undertone and a cream finish. I used two coats for this and it looks amazing. This color is from Essie’s Fall 2022 Collection, which is inspired by earthy neutrals, the collection has an 8-vegan-free formula in six shades.
  • ‘Bolt And Be Bold’ – warm mushroom-brown nail polish with gray undertones and a cream finish. Fast-drying color & shine formula dries in about a minute.
  • ‘Seize the Minute’ – a blue-toned red quick dry nail polish with a cream finish. I really love this dark red color, it’s so pretty and would look so good with matching lip color. Perfect color for a Fall nail design.
  • Bold & Boulder: a deep burgundy-red nail polish with brown undertones and a cream finish. This is a beautiful deep brown color with a glossy shine. This color is also from Essie’s Fall 2022 Collection.

Shop these Colors Below:

I really enjoyed the color combination that I picked out from my Fall mood board. These are all very pretty together and I can’t wait to use them for another Fall nail design.

A group of Essie Fall Nail Polishes lying on a grey dresser. The colors are Burgundy, Dark Red, Reddish Brown, Burnt Orange and Mustard Yellow.

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Pinterest Cover of Fall Nail Designs. A photo of a left brown hand with brown, red, orange and yellow nail polished press-on oval shaped nails. Short nails.


  1. I love the colors ! They truly represent fall fashion!

    1. I think so too! Would go great with almost any fall look. Thanks for stopping by Ashton!

  2. Jordan Nelson says:

    Love this color! So pretty and perfect for fall

  3. Excellent look, I will definitely share this with my sister. I think, she love this beautiful nail design.

    1. Thank you John! I bet these would be so pretty on your sisters nails. Have a great day!

  4. If this isn’t fall fashion I don’t know what is! Lovely suggestions for me as I have almost no fashion sense so it is good to hear from experts like you.

    1. Hi Stephanie, thank you so much! Glad I could help 🙂

  5. These colors are fall feels and I am so here for it! A couple girl friends are coming over this weekend while my fiance travels for work and I am definitely going to pick up some colors to have a little manicure night with friends. Thanks for the inspo!

    1. That sounds like fun! I hope you have a great time, please tag me on IG stories if you do try these, would love to see them. Thank you Michelle! IG – @styledbysetitra

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