Altar’d State Snake Print Skirt

Visiting Downtown Detroit in this Snake Print Skirt

Husband and I decided to go out on a date this weekend and check out Downtown Detroit. I always see Detroit foodie pics on Instagram. Honestly, Downtown Detroit has some really great spots for date nights or brunch with your friends. We actually started to Google places to eat since we usually like picking stuff as we drive around. 

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There was one place we stopped at but the waiting list was so long. What I learned was you have to reserve spots like way ahead of time as the restaurants tend to get really busy.  I’m sure with the pandemic they have a restriction on capacity as well.

My suggestion is if you are unsure where to go, just go on instagram and search hashtags like #detroitfoodie #detroitfoodsceneand #detroitfoodporn. Those are usually updated quite a bit and you’ll see that Detroit has some really fancy places to eat, that way you can find and order something quick before you head out.

We decided to stop and have dinner at a place called Townhouse. It’s so beautiful inside, the atmosphere was perfect for our romantic dinner. They have a seating area where there are windows all around it with beautiful lamps and plants. Makes you feel like you are in paradise with your bae. Now I will say the food is pretty pricey.

I decided to go with the buffalo cauliflower which is my absolute favorite appetizer, so happy when I see a restaurant with that on the menu. I also ordered their House Sangria which was perfect! For my dinner I ordered the Salmon vs. Everything which was really expensive but good and of course with a side of the House Salad. 

I would say that our day got a bit stressful when we were hunting where to eat and realize that there was a long waiting list. We haven’t ate all day before this and went out in the evening as we were super busy this day. But once our tummies were full we were much happier of course lol. We ended up having a really great date out. 

One of our goals in our marriages is to go on a date at least once or twice a month, even being married it is nice to still date and be romantic.  Homeschooling has been stressful so far as we adjust to this new lifestyle. I needed this weekend to have no kids and spend time together. 

Photo: Townhouse in Detroit. Photographer: @tonyeatsntravel (follow on Instagram)

 I hope you all get to have a night out as well just you and your partner and if you don’t have a partner I hope you get to get out and have some good ole “me” time. I love “me” times too. 

SKIRT [I’m wearing a small – – available HERE]
BOOTS [Good Macaroon – –HERE] BELT [Altar’d State – – HERE]
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  1. I love this look!! The boots are super cute and the skirt! I would have never thought to put that together

  2. Thank you so much!

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