Aesthetic Bridgerton Style Dresses For Spring

Daphne Bridgerton Dress. The Best Bridgerton Dresses of 2022

Let’s be honest; We’ve all been totally smitten with Bridgerton fashion since the series debuted back in December 2020. Most of us are more than ready to allow Regency-era England to overtake our sartorial experiments and thanks to the best Bridgerton aesthetic outfits that have flooded our social media feeds, we now have a pretty good idea of how to pull off the ultimate Regency era ensembles.

No wonder why corsets are 2022’s most noteworthy fashion trend (even during summer). Now that Easter is fastly approaching, we rounded up a list of the most beautiful Bridgerton-styled dresses for Easter gatherings, parties, and meet-ups ahead. 

 The Best Bridgerton Fashion Inspiration Of 2022

If you are a fan of the series, then the mere thought of sumptuous ice-cream pastels, and intricate floral embroidery makes you quiver with delight. Here is the epitome of Bridgerton’s aesthetic; a blue lace dress gown straight from Daphne Bridgerton’s wardrobe.

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Here’s a striking Bridgerton style Dress for Easter that promises to dazzle everyone around you. Did you know that designer Ellen Mirojnick crafted over 7,500 unmissable dresses for this series? Evidently, acres of ruffles and utterly feminine florals were at the forefront of the fashion stage. 

While rhinestone-encrusted puff sleeves are dominating the show, the best Bridgerton style Dresses for Easter require a more subtle aesthetic. This floral Regency-era look is ideal for morning, afternoon, and evening outings. Pair it up with satin mules for the ultimate Bridgerton outfit.

If you want to take Bridgerton fashion inspiration and turn in it into a mode modern affair, a blush dress with chic ruffles, smocked details, and slightly puff sleeves is ideal. Add a pair of gemstone earrings to complete the look. 

While Bridgerton fashion is mostly floor-length gowns, no one is really stopping us from opting for mini Bridgerton style dresses for Easter if they meet all the aesthetic criteria. This floral look perfectly pictures the zeitgeist of the Regency era!

Remember, Bridgerton fashion is flowy, whimsical, and otherworldly feminine. Neutral colors, playful pastels, ruffles intricate embroidery, and cute florals are the key elements you should look for while browsing for the best Bridgerton style dresses for Easter. One thing is certain; the Regency era has so much fashion inspo to offer. 

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  1. I love this post! The dresses in Bridgerton are so gorgeous, so I’ve been wanting to get something similar for the summer months!

    1. Hi Aisling, glad you enjoyed the post! Bridgerton dresses will be so cute this summer :).

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