Hi! Welcome to my page, my name is Setitra McCain.

I am a fashion and beauty blogger keen to demonstrate the latest trends that stand out and look stylish while helping other women alike get dolled up, feel good about themselves, and enjoy fun activities they love.

I started this blog with one goal in mind: to help inspire women to feel confident and comfortable while navigating the world of fashion.


My Journey

I have tried a few other entrepreneur opportunities and after trial and error I realized that I wasn’t doing what I truly love. After closing down doors to my previous business I took time to really think about what I was good at and what is it I am most passionate about.

I realized that was fashion and style. I enjoyed getting dolled up for work, when I would make my YouTube videos my favorite part was putting together something cute to wear for it. I knew that this is something I’ll never stop enjoying. 

My Mother is my Inspiration

When I was a little girl, I used to watch my mom do her makeup and hair and I would stare at her and think “Wow my mommy is so pretty!”

My mom was recognized for her style as she stayed in vogue wearing the cutest clothes and always had her hair done. My mom wouldn’t allow me to use makeup yet so I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to play with it and dress up just the way she did.

She has always inspired me and encouraged me to push the boundaries of my closet and experiment with new styles.

Dedicated to Erica Rhody

Erica was a fashionista! I met her at a job we had eleven years ago. I remember the first time she came in and told me “OMG I love that shirt!” and there was no looking back since then.

We started taking our breaks together. Sometimes she would come into work and give me some of her cute clothes and shoes. Fashion is what brought us together. She moved to Florida and I would visit her every summer and while I was there we would play dress up, or she would say ‘getting dolled up’.

We would try on her clothes (she had a TON!), and we would do our own photoshoots. Erica was a very stylish girl. Everyone loved her outfits and not to mention she was very pretty. I miss her so much and I know that she would have LOVED the idea of me fashion blogging.

Doing this blog keeps my memories alive with her and reminds me of the good times we had together.

And that is why as a small tribute, I incorporated teal- her favorite color within my fashion blog.


Let’s have a style blast

The hottest styles, trends and every day is a reason to get dolled up. Find something stylish on Styled by Setitra McCain that fits your everyday life.

Do you get as excited about fashion as I do? Want me to share a particular look? Share your thoughts with me at here and I will get back to you soon.

I’ve got a whole new look coming your way, so make sure to check back to the blog soon.


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