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Hello loves!

Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you’re here. This is my very first time doing a fashion blog and I’m so excited for this new journey of mines. I’ve done a lot in my life and had got to a point where I had to really ask myself, “what is it that you are really passionate about?” I knew all the things I didn’t want to do, and didn’t want to just jump into something I knew wouldn’t make me happy. I realized the one thing I have always been good at and what does make me happy and that is fashion. I would say that my mom inspired me at an early age in my life. I enjoyed watching her get dolled up. I’ve always enjoyed getting dolled up with my best friends and even if we didn’t have anywhere to go and dressing up for our own personal photo shoots.

My style is a pretty mixed variety. I love basics, I love glam and heels. I’ve been dressing pretty athletic now as well. So on this page you will find a lot of date inspired outfits, some casual, fitness apparel and some professional styles.

So a little about who I am. I am a mother of five which includes my three stepsons and my two kids. Together we have four boys and a girl. I’m a very family oriented person. I also really enjoy getting together with like minded women, I do a lot of networking in town. I enjoy traveling with my husband and children and exploring new things in life.

I hope you guys enjoy this page & thank you for stopping by!


Setitra McCain

This blog is dedicated to my late best friend, Erica Rhody.

I love you forever <3.


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Setitra McCain

I help inspire women to get dolled up, feel good about themselves and those who have trouble finding something stylish to wear. Rather that is casual, glam looks, date nights, vacation styles or cute fitness styles.

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