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3 must have winter sweater dresses

So glad you are here for another blog post on this special day for me. I really want to share some very CUTE winter dresses I loved and that will look AMAZING for family holiday pictures, being cozy at home or this year’s holiday gatherings.

This blog is dedicated to my late best friend Erica. Fashion brought my best friend and I together. We met at a job we had eleven years ago. She would come in and see me and I would look at her and we both would go “OMG I love that shirt”, “I love that outfit”, “you are so cute!”. Erica would tell me that “You always dress so cute”.

We started taking our breaks together and that’s when our friendship started. Sometimes she would show up to work with some of her cute shoes or clothes that she no longer wanted and gift them to me. She moved to Florida and I would visit her every summer and while I was there we would play dress up. She would have me try on her clothes (she had a TON!), and we would do our own photoshoots.

We had so much fun together. Erica was a very stylish girl. Everyone loved her outfits and not to mention a very pretty gal. I miss her so much and I know that she would have LOVED the idea of me fashion blogging. Doing this blog keeps memories alive with her, I enjoy getting dressed up and doing photoshoots, reminds me of the good times with my late best friend Erica.

Her favorite color was teal and I incorporated that within my fashion blog, Erica is the inspiration behind my brand.

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